6   C O U R S E   M E N U

Tiger prawns with mango salsa
Goat cheese with fresh strawberries and port wine – red onion marmalade
Spinach – ricotta cheese ravioli with truffle oil and mushroom sauce
Quail breast with lentil stew and red wine – Riga Black Balsam sauce
Grilled beef fillet steak with butter beans and orange – whiskey marmalade
Sweet duo – vanilla cream brulee and chocolate fondant with gin – lime marmalade

40,00 EUR/pers.
Additional wine pairing 30,00 EUR/pers (6 wines)

*Tasting menu is available from 12:00 till 20:30


Caesar salad with Monte Campo cheese, bread toast and
grilled chicken fillet 8.80 €
fried bacon 8.80 €
garlic butter fried tiger prawns 10.90 €

Green leaf salad with sesame seeds, Kalamata olives, vegetables,
balsamic, honey – ginger sauce and
caramelized goat cheese 8.80 €
grilled chicken fillet 8.80 €
tiger prawns 10.90 €

Crayfish salad with avocado, cherry tomatoes and red onion
10.90 €

Beetroot carpaccio with carrot – thyme gel, hemp oil and Monte Campo cheese chips (V)
8.80 €

Honey caramelized goat cheese on bread toast with green leaf salad and red onion marmalade (V)
8.80 €

Spinach – ricotta cheese ravioli with truffle oil and mushroom sauce (V)
9.50 €

Butter fried tiger prawns with wakame seaweed and garlic puree
11.00 €

Beef fillet carpaccio with truffle olive oil, black sea salt and Monte Campo cheese
12.00 €

Sea scallops with beet puree, wakame seaweed and King Oyster mushroom
14.00 €


Cream of mushroom soup with onion crisps and truffle oil (V)
7.50 €

Onion soup with toasted baguette and Parmesan cheese
7.50 €

Bisque soup with tiger prawns and vegetable crisps
9.50 €

M A I N   C O U R S E S

Butter bean ragout with garlic butter fried porcini mushrooms (V)
10.70 €

Tagliatelle wit herb – pine nut pesto, Monte Campo cheese and
vegetables (V) 10.50 € / chicken fillet 12.90 € / tiger prawns 15.00 €

Homemade beef lasagna with Monte Campo cheese and tomato sauce
12.50 €

Bacon wrapped chicken fillet, stuffed with Mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes,
served with caramelized carrots, marinated cauliflower and red wine sauce
14.00 €

Marinated, slow – cooked BBQ pork ribs with garlic butter fried potatoes,
caramelized carrots and red wine – veal stock sauce
14.70 €

Veal schnitzel with cheese crust, fried potatoes and red wine – veal stock sauce
14.70 €

Fish of the Day with lentil stew and caper – olive oil sauce
15.50 €

Duck breast with butter fried marinated cauliflower,
King Oyster mushroom, pickled beets and cherry -red wine sauce
17.90 €

Beef fillet steak with garlic butter fried potatoes, King Oyster mushroom,
whiskey – orange marmalade and red wine – veal stock sauce
21.00 €

S I D E   D I S H E S

Green leaf – vegetable salad 4.50 €

Grilled vegetables 4.50 €

Lentil stew 6.90 €

Garlic butter fried potatoes 4.50 €

Potato fries 4.00 €

Olives 4.50 €

Sweet potato fries 5.50 €

Bread and butter 3.00€

Garlic bread toasts 5.00 €


Chocolate fondant with strawberry mousse, vanilla ice cream and caramelized nuts
6.50 €

Vanilla Crème brûlée with fresh berries
6.00 €

Pancakes with apple – fig jam
5.80 €

Sweet Belgian waffle with chocolate glaze, nuts and berry jam
6.50 €

Ice cream with nuts and fresh berries
5.90 €

Sorbet selection
6.50 €

 K I D S  M E N U

Chicken fillet with potatoes and sour cream
5,50 €

Beef lasagna with cheese
5,50 €

Pasta with vegetables and cheese in cream sauce
5,50 €

Pancakes with apple-fig jam
5,00 €

Sweet Belgian waffle with chocolate glaze, nuts and berry jam
4.00 €

Ice cream with berries
4,00 €

*Service charge which is added to the total bill 10%