S a l a d

Roman leaf salad with grilled chicken fillet, parmesan cheese,
bread toasts and homemade anchovy mayonnaise
6.90 €

Arugula salad with fresh vegetables, crumbled goat cheese, pickled fennel,
pine nuts and balsamic cream (V)
7.90 €

Leaf salad with fried tiger prawns, quail eggs, toasted rye bread
and homemade herb mayonnaise
9.50 €

Leaf and fresh vegetable salad with dried deer meat, sweet potatoes,
“Soira” cheese, parsley oil and balsamic cream
9.90 €

A p p e t i z e r s

Smoked herring fillets with white wine marinated red onions, whipped
herb – horseradish cottage cheese, slow – cooked quail egg and torched potatoes
7.40 €

Honey baked goat cheese with chicory leaves, beetroot jelly,
parsley oil and lightly pickled pumpkin (V)
7.90 €

“Beluga” lentil stew with tomato marmalade,
vegetables and garlic butter fried porcini mushrooms (V)
8.60 €

Herb marinated black halibut carpaccio with cress salad,
capers, fennel and truffle – olive oil
9.70 €

Slow – cooked quail breast with pumpkin puree, glazed mini carrots,
beetroots and rum – veal stock sauce
9.90 €

Sea scallops with lightly pickled, torched onions, cauliflower puree, parsley oil,
herb juice marinated hemp – rye bread crumbs and Beurre blanc sauce
11.50 €

Beef tartar with beetroot jelly, quail egg yolk,
carrot powder and dried cauliflower
12.10 €

S o u p

Cream of wild mushroom soup with crumbled goat cheese and parsley oil (V)
7.90 €

Hot and spicy chicken fillet soup with vegetables, shiitake mushrooms and herbs
8.80 €

Tomato chowder soup with fish, vegetables, fried onion oil and sliced rye bread toasts
9.90 €

M a i n c o u r s e

Tagliatelle in cream sauce with parmesan cheese and
vegetables (V) 10.90 € / chicken fillet 13.90 € / tiger prawns 15.20 €

Sea trout fillet with “Beluga” lentil stew, white wine marinated fennel,
beetroot puree and porcini mushroom – velouté sauce
15.80 €

Catfish fillet with fried kale, smoked butter – cauliflower puree,
eryngii mushroom, torched leek and Beurre blanc sauce
15.80 €

Pike perch fillet with beetroot juice marinated, roasted cauliflowers,
caramelised mini carrots and porcini mushroom – velouté sauce
15.80 €

Grilled chicken fillet with garlic butter fried pumpkin,
parsnip, quinoa stew and red wine sauce
13.90 €

Grilled rack of pork with garlic butter fried carrots, cauliflowers,
honey glazed pear, bee pollen and veal stock – beer sauce
15.90 €

Slow – cooked duck breast with pumpkin puree, roasted beetroots,
parsnip, caramelized shallots and rum – veal stock sauce
16.80 €

Grilled lamb rump steak with fried kale, quinoa – porcini
mushroom stew and red wine – veal stock sauce
19.90 €

Grilled beef fillet steak with mustard marinated root vegetables, thyme oil,
red onion marmalade, kale and juniper berry – red wine sauce
24.00 €

Latvian forest game meat with smoked butter fried potatoes, porcini mushroom
sabayon, salt fried, caramelized shallots and juniper berry – red wine sauce

deer fillet steak 25.00 € / elk fillet steak 32.00 €

D e s s e r t s

Apple – brandy cream cake with white wine syrup-made rowanberries,
chokeberries and chocolate sorbet
5.90 €

Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream, mint powder and quince jam
5.90 €

Caramel cream with coffee – cocoa biscuit crumbs, sea buckthorn jam and cranberry sorbet
5.90 €

Chocolate – chokeberry panna cotta with rowanberry jelly and caramelized nuts
5.90 €

Sorbet selection
5.90 €

“Soira” Latvian cheese selection with truffle oil – honey sauce
9.90 €

*Service charge which is added to the total bill 10%